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Monday, August 26, 2013

Smallville - A Retrospective 26

Season 3 Episode 17 Legacy

(original air date 4-14-04)

At the farm only Jonathan hears the high pitched hum. It's coming from the key. Meanwhile at Luthorcorp, Lionel gets a phone call and puts off his suicide. At the farm, Clark takes the key and heads to the caves. While holding up the key, part of the cave wall opens up exposing a spot to insert it. Before Clark can place it Lionel shows up. After Clark leaves, Lionel sees the slot. After discussing the caves with Lex, Lionel goes to see Dr. Swan. Since Lex has been framed for the deaths at the lab, he decides to work with the police by wearing a wire. From him and his dads conversation (overheard on the police wire) the police want to know more about Clark Kent. During their meeting Dr. Swan and Lionel make a deal. The FBI raid the Kent farm. They are looking for the key. Later Martha tells Clark and Jonathan that the only thing taken was the key. No Jonathan has it. Back at the caves, Lionel has men there setting up equipment. Jonathan shows up with his rifle and a fight breaks out. During their struggle, Jonathan and Lionel watch as the key flies through the air and into the slot. It's gone. Later we see that the key is now in Dr. Swan's possession.

Season 3 Episode 18 Truth

(original air date 4-21-04)

Chloe confronts her father's former boss. She is wanting a lead to help him find a job. When she doesn't get good news she steals his Luthorcorp ID card. Later that night she gains entrance into the building and starts snooping around. While she is there she accidentally gets sprayed with Kryptonite mist. The next day at school Chloe is breathing out Kryptonite vapors that make people answer her questions truthfully. At the Kent farm Chloe and Clark are working on a project. When she asks Martha how's she doing (post Jonathan's bypass) Martha tells her everything. Even about Clark's biological father. The next day, Chloe uses her new found power to get the truth from everyone. But it doesn't work on Clark. After meeting up with Clark and Pete at the hospital, Chloe has a bad headache. She is admitted for tests. While in the hospital Lionel comes to visit. She asks him if he had his parents killed. She records him saying yes. To leave the hospital she makes a deal with Lionel. When Clark investigates the lab he finds papers on a project called Levitas. Clark finds out that the previous project manager quit. Clark meets with him. This man tells Clark he quit because the substance works but it is lethal to the host. He gives Clark a syringe full of an experimental antidote for Chloe. Later Chloe calls Clark for help. After she passes out he injects her with the antidote. She is cured and her powers are gone. Later Lionel calls to let her off the hook. Really? 


Smallville - A Retrospective 25

Season 3 Episode 15 Resurrection

(original air date 2-25-04)

At the Smallville Medical center, Jonathan gets the bad news that he needs a triple bypass. Clark sees his friend Garrett at the hospital. Garrett's brother is in the hospital for liver failure. During their talk in the waiting room, GGarrett's brother codes and dies. Afterwords someone sends a text to move the body. Since Garrett has no one else he is invited to stay with the Kents. The brother - Vince- is taken to Dr. Tang's lab. She gives him an injection that resurrects him. Later at the Kent's barn a better Vince shows up. But it's short lived Vince collapses and he's bleeding from his eyes. Vince goes back to the hospital. Upon talking to Lana, Clark finds out that Adam bled from his eyes also and had died before. During Jonathan's bypass, Garrett shows up with a bomb laced with Kryptonite. After getting a ride to the lab from the helicopter pilot, Clark gets a vile of the med and brings it back to the hospital. When he gives it to Garrett (for his brother) Clark notices that it reacts the same way his blood does when it is close to Kryptonite. When the police sniper gets a shot he kills Garrett. Vince also dies. But Jonathan survives his operation and makes it home.

Season 3 Episode 16 Crisis

(original air date 3-3-04)

At the Youth Crisis center Clark gets a phone call. It's Lana. She's being chased by a gunman. Clark races to the Talon. She's safe and sound. Later the tape of the phone call is played back. After running it through a computer it's clear that the other voice is Adams. Lex confronts Lionel about the lab. He wants to run it. Instead Lionel shuts it down. Lionel moves Dr. tang to a new lab with the threat of being deported back to N. Korea. After he leaves she gives Adam an injection of the last dose of the med. Lionel took the rest. Later Clark and Lex go to the lab to see Dr. Tang. Dr. Tang and her assistants are dead. The lab is cleared out. Adam on the run kidnaps Lana. He wants his belongings from his apartment. Lana takes him to a storage facility. Upon going through his belongings he realizes that his three back up viles are gone. Lana and Adam have a struggle and Lana gets away. She calls Clark at the crisis center. Because of a downed telephone line (lying in water with Kryptonite rocks) it's the same phone call as before. Clark realizes where she is and gets there in time to save her. Adam sees Clark take the bullet. As he's dying he tells Clark that he now understands why Lionel wanted him to watch Clark. Finally at Luthorcorp, Lionel offers a position to a doctor to take over the study. We find out that Lionel has a rare liver disease also. At the end he is contemplating suicide.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Smallville - A Retrospective 24

Season 3 Episode 14 Obsession

(original air date 2-18-04)

At Luthorcorp, Lionel is talking to a group of Smallville economic students. Included in the group is Clark and Chloe. From the 39th floor Clark and another student are taking the elevator to the bottom. During their drop the elevator cable fails. The car starts to drop. Clark uses his heat vision to disable the elevators camera. He then punches his fist through the elevator wall and grabs the wall to slow down the car. When the car stops at the 19th floor, workers try break them out. Alisha (the other student) teleports them out to save Clark from being found out. At School, Clark and Alisha exchange some stories about their powers. Lana confronts Adam at the apartment. She wants him out. He doesn't want to leave. Clark and Alisha decide to go out on a date. At school Lana tells Clark that she saw a journal that Adam has keep on him. Later during their date, Clark tells Alisha that Lana doesn't know about his powers. On her porch he almost kisses her goodnight, but doesn't. Later that night Clark is sleeping. He is awaken to find Alisha in bed with him. She teleported in! After some a little coaxing, Clark and her start to kiss until his dad walks in. B.K. She leaves and Clark explains everything to his parents. The next day at school it out that Alisha snuck into Clark's room last night. After school Clark goes to Alisha's house. He meets her parents. They warn him that her breakup with her last boyfriend didn't end well. He should be careful. When Clark leaves we see that Alisha overheard the whole conversation. Later Lana and Lex plan on a way to evict Adam. The next day Alisha's dad is in the hospital after a fall. She admits to Clark that she caused it. He wants her to tell the police but she teleports away. Chloe and Clark formulate a plan to stop Alisha, unfortunately she turns the tables on them. She uses Kryptonite on him (she overheard Clark and his parents talking about it). At the Talon, Alisha goes after Lana with a knife. Clark finally makes it to the Talon and stops Alisha by using his heat vision and lead paint. It shorts her out. Adam is gone now. He is at Luthorcorp now and restrained. Adam is in a bad way. He is awaiting his next dose of meds. Lionel is talking to him. He says Adam had one job to do. Get close to Lana - he failed. Dr. tang is about to give him his dose but Lionel stops her. He tells the doctor that Adam is out of the drug study. She says it will kill him. They leave the room without giving him the dose.


Smallville - A Retrospective 23

Season 3 Episode 13 Velocity

(original air date 2-11-04)

At the Smallville Medical Center Jonathan is recovering. Clark and Martha are headed home when two street racing cars almost hit them. Clark goes to stop them and finds out that one of the drivers is Pete. Clark confronts Pete at an under ground speed shop. Pete won't listen to Clark about the dangers of illegal road racing. At the Talon, Lana asks Adam about his past. He is living under an assumed name. On the street Dante tells Pete to lose a race. Pete doesn't listen and wins the race anyway. Dante and his friends tell Pete they lost $20K. and they want the lost money from him or else. Lex confronts Dr. Tang. She is the doctor given Adam his meds. Pete tells Clark about the threat. Clark goes to the speed shop. There he sees a lot of unused license plates. He realizes that the street cars are stolen. Clark lets the police know but the cars are gone. Pete is beat up because of the police raid that was pinned on him. After getting no help from Lex, Clark takes Lex' Porsche to use as a prize in a road race. If Pete wins he's off the hook for the money. If Dante wins he gets the Porsche. Clark plans on disabling Dante's car. But the tables were turned on Clark. He is knocked out and placed in Pete's trunk. Pete's car is rigged to blow at 100 mph. After Pete fires the Kryptonite infused nitro the car rockets faster. When the Kryptonite is spent, Clark is free to bust the fuel tank. The gasoline on the street causes the trailing Dante to loose control. His car flips and Dante is killed. At the Talon, Adam is having trouble with his condition. He needs his meds. Meanwhile at the mansion, Dr. Tang shows up to talk to Lex. He will add to her funding if she will show him her research. Jonathan gets to come home from the hospital. Jonathan tells Clark that maybe his new heart condition was from his interaction with Jor-El. Later Pete comes by to apologise to Clark. Clark doesn't accept it.


Smallville - A Retrospective 22

Season 3 Episode 12 Hereafter

(original air date 2-4-04)

At the high school track Lana meets a new student - Jordan Cross. When he accidentally touches her he sees her death as an old lady. He also sees his track coaches death. But after school Clark saves the teachers life. The next day Clark bumps into Jordan. Jordan sees that Clarks life doesn't appear to end. He appears to fly. Clark tells Pete and Chole that he thinks Jordan had a premenion about the coaches death. Later at the Talon, Chloe finds out that Jordan was born during the metor shower. Jordan sees cheerleader Megan will die. He tries to warn her but she won't listen. Meanwhile Lana is kidnapped by a masked man. In his basement the coach has Megan and Lana. He blames them for his daughters death. He sets his house on fire to kill himself and the girls. With Jordans help, Clark realizes that the coach has the girls. They rush to their aid. The house blows up knocking out Jordan. The girls are saved but the coach dies. Clark saves Jordan's life but Jordan's powers are gone. Jordan tells Lana that when he touched Adam he had already died. Back at home Clark goes out to the barn to find his dad. Jonathan is lying on the barn floor having a heart attack.


Smallville - A Retrospective 21

Has it been a year since my last Smallville post? I guess it has. I'm back watching. Check it out.

Season 3 Episode 11 Delete

(original air date 1-28-04)

Chloe is at the Daily Planet. It's her last day after being fired. She asks the editor to take a look at a couple of stories that she has been working on. If they're printable she would use her cousins name as her pseudonym - Lois Lane. At Luthorcorp there is a new employee in the I. T. department - Molly. She is stealing the hard drives out of the Torch confiscated computers. That night in the parking lot, clark tries to run down chloe with his pickup. Later at the hospital, Chloe covers for clark with the police. Heading home Clark runs into Lana and new friend Adam. Back in the I.T. department Lex finds out that Molly is not an employee and that the hard drives were wiped. At school, Lana gets an e-mail from someone known as Brainwave (Molly)it programs her to kill Chloe. Ada has to step in to stop her. Adam tracks the e-mail to Chloes computer at Luthorcorp. At the hospital Adam is leaving, he makes a play for Lana but is shot down. From a security camera (at Luthorcorp) a pic of Molly is obtained. Chloe recognises her from her Sommerholt story. At the Talon Lana asks Adam to stay in town. At Molly's apartment Lex and Clark confront her about the e-mails. They find out that Chloe is currently in trouble with the Kents. Clark intervenes to save her. At the talon, Lana offers adam the upstairs apartment. Lex gets the Torch's computers back for them. And finally Lex confronts the doctor at Sommerholt. He warns him to stay away from Chloe.

Keep Watching.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Inside the con. The BEST Batmobile!

Hi Friends,

After a seven week absence, I'm back. Sorry for the radio silence. I've been reading a few comic books and trades as always. And watched some movies and TV (The Walking Dead, The Talking Dead and Comic Book Men).


 Time Square.

The big news is I went to the New York Comic Con again. As the San Diego Comic Con has gotten too huge and impossible to attend (130,000 people), I have pretty much switched up my allegiance to New York. Don't read in here that New York is small. New York is a big show (116,00 people), but getting a ticket, airfare, food and hotel is much easier.

The Amazing Chip Kidd.

New York is missing a few things that make San Diego so cool. Namely night time programming that include movies, gaming, the kick-ass costume contest and of course the Eisner awards. And of course the beautiful weather.

 Charles Burns and Chris Ware.

But New York is closing the gap on other things like a massive dealers room and large Artist Alley. The Artist Alley was held in a separate room this year and was huge. San Diego could learn from this. San Diego still is by far the king when it comes to programming (panel) rooms. However New York has made some serious strides.

The main entrance of the Dakota.

Shops many levels deep inside Penn Station.

When I was in New York this year I also went to three book stores: Jim Hanley's Universe, Forbidden Planet and Strand. During my time at Strand they had a three man panel, meet and greet/signing. The authors/artists/designers were Chip Kidd, Charles Burns and Chris Ware. I brought some of my favorite works from each creator and got them signed. This was definitely a high light of my trip. 

My Woody Allen sandwich at Carnegie Deli.

 Other high lights include: walking through central park, eating at Carnegie Deli and going to Grand Central Terminal. I also went to the Dakota where John Lennon lived.

Check out some photos.

Keep Reading Comics.